Castle Hunter

The Castle Hunter

As a writer, presenter, speaker, and digital content creator, I work independently and with Scottish heritage organisations to share and celebrate Scotland’s epic history.


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This is where things get really geeky. I’ve written about how Scottish history inspired the ‘Game of Thrones’ universe, charted the rise and fall of the castle age, busted the myths of Braveheart, and lots more. Here you’ll find links to my articles wherever possible and a full list of my publications.

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From short-term projects like social media campaigns for Scotland’s major heritage organisations to long-term ambitions such as completing my book about Scottish castles, I go where the history is. Take a look at my past, current, and upcoming projects and collaborations and learn how you can get involved.

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Edinburgh is epic in every sense – its architecture, history, culture, and stories are the rival of any fantasy series. In fact, it’s often their source material! Discover the best of it with me as your personal guide through the medieval Old Town. Look here for a sample tour and bookings.

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These are the major heritage organisations and publications I have worked with and supported.