Woodhouse Tower

This now-slender sentinel stands guard over the Kirtle Water, northeast of Annan and perilously close to the border with England. It’s a 16th century tower house, of which there are countless in this region, and is within sight of Robgill Tower on the other side of the burn. In fact, the Irving family built and owned three towers almost literally within a stone’s throw of each other – Woodhouse, Robgill, and Bonshaw Tower, of which the latter two are still occupied. This clustering is rare indeed, and I’ll need to look into how this was able to happen.

There was a significant collapse in 1877 during which a large portion of wall broke away, and a quick glimpse at the accompanying pictures makes it clear that restoration work wasn’t as successful as might be hoped. It was a strong structure, though, with walls up to 1.7 metres thick and originally standing to a height of three floors. ┬áIt makes for a quick visit now, but I found myself looking back over my shoulder several times as I rode away from this intriguing slice of castle.