Udny Castle

Udny Castle looks forbiddingly independent, rising up starkly in a field with no other buildings around to temper its towering appearance. I was fascinated to learn, then, that it used to have a 19th century mansion stuck on to its side which was completely demolished in the 1960s. It has every appearance of a 16th century tower, though it first appears in a charter from David II, son of Robert the Bruce, in the 14th century. The foundation walls are eight feet thick, which is one clue that it is perhaps an older structure than it first seems.

The Udny family were royalists during the conflicts of the 17th century and relocated to Knockhall Castle – however, when that tower was burnt down in 1734, Udny Castle regained its appeal. The tower is now privately occupied so be sure to keep a respectful distance if you visit, though the locals seemed friendly enough and public paths lead you straight past the tower meaning they’re no stranger to curious visitors.